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Looking for significant savings in your pension administration budget?  We can help.

In today's economy, you're probably looking for places to trim the budget.  You found it.  We have formed this company with you in mind.  After many years working for leading national employee benefits consultancies, we decided that there's a better way.  At Johnson Administration Group, LLC, we offer you the service you've come to expect, only for less.  Much less.  Our aim is simple: to provide businesses like yours with high quality pension administration without the need to pay consultancy prices. 

Our mission statement says it all:

Consulting costs too much!  Our mission is simple: to provide superior service and highest quality employee benefits consulting and resources at a fraction of traditional costs – always keeping our focus on our client’s needs. 

Oh, and one more thing:  Johnson Administration Group, LLC is a mouthful.  Please, just call us JAG.

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